In the past 3 years of JamPants' existence, we've talked about releasing a webisode series called 0.07. We've never gotten around to doing it, although Kyle, Dylan and Jordan talk about it constantly. Dylan has re-written the episodes countless times and has mixed tons out due to length. We're hoping for a episode length anywhere from 5 to possibly 8 minutes in time. Which means lots of writing to keep the episode/series funny.

Currently we're unsure of the starting time of 0.07, its hectic. We've got some actors for later episodes but we have no main actor. You'd think that we would use one of our friends to just do this but we're trying to find somebody who'll play the part perfectly. This search is a lot like the trail of Casey Anthony, longer than it should be and it's got a bad result. (I liked that joke, using it in an episode)

Also happy birthday to Jordan who just turned 19!

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