Terrible morning today folks. I woke up and signed on to youtube and had  a message of much surprise waiting for me. A lawsuit from 20th century fox was to be filed if i didn't comply with what they asked, now what did they ask you may wonder? Take down a video i recently posted, that contained pretty much the same animation style as that of family guy!
Granted i used the words 'Lois, Brian, Stewie and Family Guy' in the short 12 second video.
The Program I used, which is part of Youtube and adheres to Google's rights, made all the animation themselves.
    Like the pacifist i am, i deleted the video and acknowledged Fox's letter. But what surprises me even more, whats the point of advertising on Youtube 'Create your own animated video'. I wonder how the 12 -14 year olds on youtube are going to react when they get a message saying 'LAWSUIT'.
    Either way, the video has been deleted and I hope we're in the clear.
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Hey everybody. Dylan here, good sweet christ its almost been a year since we updated the blog! shit.
We've got two new web series we're serious about filming coming out.
hey guys i (kyle) have ran into some editing problems and the airdate is unknown. sorry guys :)
Two new idea's have been confirmed by Me and Kyle.
1. For Kyle's 16th birthday I re-wrote the lyrics to 'The Candy Man can' for his character the Panzer Man entitled 'The Panzer Man Can' he liked them so much we spent 2 hours playing Xbox live and singing the lyrics and had gotten over 40 people singing along, so we've agree to make one episode into a musical, just for the hell of it. We aren't expecting it to be well received but we are making it anyway.
2. We have confirmed a film date for the first episode, We currently are planning to film it April 27th, and it'll be on our You-Tube account within 3 - 5 days after being fully edited.
I realize that JamPants hasn't written or said anything worth while in over 8 months! People who actually read this are probably saying 'how can they just waste time and not do anything for 8 months?' The answer to that is very simple, R&R Pictures, we completely disowned JamPants and made a new company R&R Pictures (also on You-tube) which also came to no success. Why the change in pages and overall look on our homepage you may ask? JamPants is making a COMEBACK! JamPants is back with new shows and an actual will to survive. Kyle and I have, ever since quitting JamPants and making R&R Pictures, wanted to devote our time to our favorite creation 0.07 but unfortunately we let that die with JamPants. Kyle and i were so happy over 0.07 we decided to keep R&R Pictures but give JamPants another go and bought back the company with change from our couches and pieces of string. A full line of episodes have been written and produced for 0.07 and will be intended to find their way onto the internet. Also, I (Dylan) have a Lord of the Rings spoof in the works with a couple of friends. But first 0.07 will be donning the red flag of success and will be scheduled for two seasons, each containing 5 episodes. And if they work out a third and fourth season and some merchandise! LONG LIVE JAMPANTS (For the time-being that is...)
JamPants is closing and there isn't a goddamn thing anybody can do about it! Well we are going to choose another name and start somewhere else! if anybody reads this blog keep checking in on our youtube account to see the new name of jampants and the new videos that follow!



Kyle and Dylan have entered the Quentin Tarantino MTV contest to win a chance to see his new movie 'Inglorious Basterds'  and win other great prizes! The rules to the contest are to spoof off a scene from one of Tarantino's previous movies. If he likes (He will be watching them himself) what you sent in you will win.
Dylan and Kyle are currently writting the script and will be filming before the 5th of august when the contest ends. There will be two copies made, 1 for Tarantino and 1 for youtube when it is finished!


I (Dylan) have written a 20 page script for a hit-men movie with some small nod to one of my favorite movies ever 'Reservoir Dogs'. So i made my own, not like it but not like it at the same time. I believe that it will be my most crowning acheviement as a director starring the same cast of 'Guns' (soon to be re-named) + new members not seen before. A preview of it will be coming to Youtube between July 30th and August 30th so keep your eyes peeled for it.  It will however, like every other JamPants movie will not be made avaliable to the public on Youtube but will be for sale if concracts approve. Guns will also not be available for public eyes on Youtube and also will not be available for purchase either. I am working hard to get the cast members together for the shooting and working around everybody's working time. More info will be made available soon.


Friday june 26th, Kyle stayed over night at dylan's and they planned a new show currently untitled. The pilot episode has indeed been written for the hilarious first episode and kyle and dylan both wrote it. Roughly about 6 pages long, it will most likely be shot on location at Kyle and Dylans school BT during the summer because there will be nobody there. All for now.