Hello everyone, 

about 5 months ago back in August JamPants posted a video called The Masturbation Jar, out of sheer stupidity in one week the video views grew to over 100! We were thrilled with this so we tried thinking of other videos that would be funnier or equally funny. Nothing really came of it.

Dylan's mother one day said 'Why not do a Masturbation Jar 2?' Dylan, Kyle, Jordan and Thomas decided sure. Tossing around some idea's we came up with a video that we were happy with and started filming. With over 20 minutes of outtakes and 40 minutes of editing the 'long awaited' sequel came out January 29th 2012. In a meer 2 days, it's amassed a total of 71 views. We're amazed. 

We never really planned on making a sequel or even toyed with the idea after posting the first. Jordan after filming the first back in August said 'Lets make another' and started laughing, nobody ever considered to even do another. We were surprised that a second even got made.

Since releasing it we've thought a possible 3rd could come out or even make a series about a guy who works in a patenting office who deals with crazy people and their ludicrous inventions. But nothing has come of it. If a 3rd is made, we have no idea when it'll be done. We're on to other things. 

And thats a big IF

Thanks guys

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