Terrible morning today folks. I woke up and signed on to youtube and had  a message of much surprise waiting for me. A lawsuit from 20th century fox was to be filed if i didn't comply with what they asked, now what did they ask you may wonder? Take down a video i recently posted, that contained pretty much the same animation style as that of family guy!
Granted i used the words 'Lois, Brian, Stewie and Family Guy' in the short 12 second video.
The Program I used, which is part of Youtube and adheres to Google's rights, made all the animation themselves.
    Like the pacifist i am, i deleted the video and acknowledged Fox's letter. But what surprises me even more, whats the point of advertising on Youtube 'Create your own animated video'. I wonder how the 12 -14 year olds on youtube are going to react when they get a message saying 'LAWSUIT'.
    Either way, the video has been deleted and I hope we're in the clear.

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