I realize that JamPants hasn't written or said anything worth while in over 8 months! People who actually read this are probably saying 'how can they just waste time and not do anything for 8 months?' The answer to that is very simple, R&R Pictures, we completely disowned JamPants and made a new company R&R Pictures (also on You-tube) which also came to no success. Why the change in pages and overall look on our homepage you may ask? JamPants is making a COMEBACK! JamPants is back with new shows and an actual will to survive. Kyle and I have, ever since quitting JamPants and making R&R Pictures, wanted to devote our time to our favorite creation 0.07 but unfortunately we let that die with JamPants. Kyle and i were so happy over 0.07 we decided to keep R&R Pictures but give JamPants another go and bought back the company with change from our couches and pieces of string. A full line of episodes have been written and produced for 0.07 and will be intended to find their way onto the internet. Also, I (Dylan) have a Lord of the Rings spoof in the works with a couple of friends. But first 0.07 will be donning the red flag of success and will be scheduled for two seasons, each containing 5 episodes. And if they work out a third and fourth season and some merchandise! LONG LIVE JAMPANTS (For the time-being that is...)
4/20/2010 03:24:57 am

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