Hello all,

Before I get into things, Jam-Pants is probably taking a hiatus for a bit. Not too long i hope but it will be out of commission for a while.

Lets talk about Google +, what is it? I don't know but if you're looking for an Official Jam-Pants Google+ account, then you're out of luck. We've already got, Twitter, Weebly, Youtube and possibly soon Facebook as well. We're not even famous and we're users on 3 sites already.

Google + may be an option later, but as of now it's staying Jam-Pants free. We're too busy with writing, shooting and editing to think about joining other websites as it is. We barely use twitter as it is, but I've made a promise to start updating our 'fans' when necessary but Google+ is out of the picture for now.

See you again soon.

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