In the past 3 years of JamPants' existence, we've talked about releasing a webisode series called 0.07. We've never gotten around to doing it, although Kyle, Dylan and Jordan talk about it constantly. Dylan has re-written the episodes countless times and has mixed tons out due to length. We're hoping for a episode length anywhere from 5 to possibly 8 minutes in time. Which means lots of writing to keep the episode/series funny.

Currently we're unsure of the starting time of 0.07, its hectic. We've got some actors for later episodes but we have no main actor. You'd think that we would use one of our friends to just do this but we're trying to find somebody who'll play the part perfectly. This search is a lot like the trail of Casey Anthony, longer than it should be and it's got a bad result. (I liked that joke, using it in an episode)

Also happy birthday to Jordan who just turned 19!
Hello all,

Before I get into things, Jam-Pants is probably taking a hiatus for a bit. Not too long i hope but it will be out of commission for a while.

Lets talk about Google +, what is it? I don't know but if you're looking for an Official Jam-Pants Google+ account, then you're out of luck. We've already got, Twitter, Weebly, Youtube and possibly soon Facebook as well. We're not even famous and we're users on 3 sites already.

Google + may be an option later, but as of now it's staying Jam-Pants free. We're too busy with writing, shooting and editing to think about joining other websites as it is. We barely use twitter as it is, but I've made a promise to start updating our 'fans' when necessary but Google+ is out of the picture for now.

See you again soon.
Morning all.

The last 3 videos (love hurts, Living with myself and Grandpa Rocks) have been exported in HD which I forgot about and I was unaware that you needed to change the video quality during the video to actually view it. From here on out Jam-Pants will try to upload our videos in the best manageable quality for our viewers. Currently 2 our of the 3 videos are in 720p HD, a great format. But 1 is in 1080p HD even better. We'll be trying to release things in 1080p but if problem occurs and ultimately cannot be viewed in 1080p, they will always be uploaded in 720p.

Thanks to the exporting feature of our editing software it makes the video in the quality we select it, like most the quality in which the viewer views it, is up to them. But seeing as Kyle has an iPhone, he couldn't watch the videos if their standard format was 720p or 1080p. So thankfully their standard is 360p and it can be changed to better quality if wanted.

We like to film our shorts hoping to go viral but we're also working on making some movies as well. Due to the fact that we aren't partnered the average video play length is now 15 minutes thanks to the update. Hopefully we will be releasing them in sections (ie Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 etc) until the movie is finished. We're trying to see if we'd be able to stream the whole thing (when finished) here on our website but it's currently doubtful.

We have looked into getting a paypal account where we could sell the movies full length without the parts. The actual step to making an account has not yet been completely agreed upon. Anyway, I'm rambling seeing as how we went from video quality update to movies to paypal...

Thanks for reading