Kyle and Dylan have entered the Quentin Tarantino MTV contest to win a chance to see his new movie 'Inglorious Basterds'  and win other great prizes! The rules to the contest are to spoof off a scene from one of Tarantino's previous movies. If he likes (He will be watching them himself) what you sent in you will win.
Dylan and Kyle are currently writting the script and will be filming before the 5th of august when the contest ends. There will be two copies made, 1 for Tarantino and 1 for youtube when it is finished!


I (Dylan) have written a 20 page script for a hit-men movie with some small nod to one of my favorite movies ever 'Reservoir Dogs'. So i made my own, not like it but not like it at the same time. I believe that it will be my most crowning acheviement as a director starring the same cast of 'Guns' (soon to be re-named) + new members not seen before. A preview of it will be coming to Youtube between July 30th and August 30th so keep your eyes peeled for it.  It will however, like every other JamPants movie will not be made avaliable to the public on Youtube but will be for sale if concracts approve. Guns will also not be available for public eyes on Youtube and also will not be available for purchase either. I am working hard to get the cast members together for the shooting and working around everybody's working time. More info will be made available soon.