We are pleased to announce that Masturbation jar 2 is our current most viewed, highest rated and most popular video ever. Could even go viral, although a little bit too long for a viral video. 

With just being uploaded January 29th and February 20th, almost a month, it's amassed 1,500 views! Most of those were earned in about a span of 6 days! Which is incredible. 

Since the take off of Masturbation Jar 2, the first has just slowly broken 400 views. Kyle and Dylan are currently trying to get together and film more videos due to the recent success of Masturbation Jar 2.

We hope to release more great videos to the success of Masturbation Jar 2.
Hopefully we could even get Partnered with youtube
The Masturbation Jar 2 in 2 days, yes 2 days jumped about 490 views more than the 100! It's also gone from 10 thumbs up to 23!

We are amazed that this has happened. Hopefully our future videos will get the same amount of a response. That would be great!

The first Masturbation jar is still at 396, almost at 400. 

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Always keep your masturbation jar's full!